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Friday, April 27, 2018


neck pain

Neck Pain in Portland

For many years people have been dealing with neck pain in Portland.  Thankfully the last 100 years chiropractors have been helping them resolve their problems.  There are no other health care professionals as qualified to work with spinal misalignments.  Unfortunately many people are unaware of the benefits of chiropractic care.  This article will help you understand more about neck pain and what you need to do to correct it.

How Does Neck Pain Start?

Neck pain can start for a variety of different reasons.  Injuries, car accidents, and repetitive tasks can all cause neck pain or the beginning of what can cause neck pain one day.  Chiropractors are one of the few health care professionals that have diagnostic tools to assess where your pain is coming from.  Their ability to locate troublesome spots is one of the reasons that so many patients are happy with their care.  At our office we help patients with pain and nerve pressure in the spine with adjustments to specific areas of the spine.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Most people would assume that an accident or injury would be the primary cause of neck pain, but this is not the case.  We know that small repetitive movements cause the biggest problems.  Many years of poor posture with repetitive motions can lead to spinal problems.  When this is not being taken care of, it can become especially problematic.

Most people allow spinal problems to go uncorrected.  Most people hope that if they wait long enough their pain will just go away.  More often than not the pain will go away, but the misalignment causing the problem is still there.  Down the road it will become aggravated again and the pain will come back, but the problem has been there the entire time.  The longer it sits the more damage it creates.  When some patients wait too long they reach a point of no return.  Surgery may be the only option when the spine and discs get damaged enough.

If you have pain in your neck - don't allow yourself to fall into the common trap.  The trap that says neck pain is normal because lots of people have it.  Its common, but not normal. This reasoning is why we see so many people with problems that can no longer be corrected.  You don't have to become a statistic of neck pain.  Take care of it before it’s too late.

Dr. Brown will take a detailed health history on your first visit to our office so that we can better understand your condition.  When we know where your problem is located, we can then help you understand what needs to be done to relieve your symptoms.

Neck pain is something you shouldn't have to struggle with.  Our team at Acorn Chiropractic in Portland is here to help you in any way we can.  Call if you have any questions.  It’s a great day to start chiropractic care!

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