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Friday, April 27, 2018


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Back Pain in Portland

Back pain is one of the most costly problems that we face in here in Portland.  Millions of people suffer from this health condition, but unfortunately our current healthcare system fails to provide the necessary care to correct the issue.  The traditional instructions are to take a muscle relaxer or ice and heat, this type of treatment often misses the true cause.  It's not uncommon for patients to end up disappointed and still in pain.  We understand the impact that back pain can have on our patients and their families and we hope this article will give you a different perspective.

Facts That Most Individuals Don't Understand About Back Pain:

  • About 50% of individuals in America will likely have back pain each year.
  • Countless physicians say that the most typical thing they see each year is back pain.
  • The most common cause of missed work is back pain.
  • 80% of most men and women suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.
  • The overall health care expense of back pain is 2nd only to cancer in the US.

What Are the Causes Back Problems?

The following list will give you a few things that have been know to cause back pain: kidney stones, blood clots, arthritis, and even obesity.  Each of the previously listed problems can cause back pain, but chiropractors will tell you that subluxations (misalignments in the spine) are the number one cause.

Chiropractors can tell you that subluxations can cause significant problems in the body.  It's very common to have pain, but the more serious issue is possible organ dysfunction. Your nerves control everything in your body, and if you have pressure on the nerves it can interrupt the function of different parts of your body.  A chiropractor can help you find the source of the problem and remove any pain or pressure that it can be causing.

So How Does Back Pain Usually Start?

Back pain can start a number of different ways.  Sometimes it can sporadically start on its own from an underlying problem, injuries can cause back pain, pregnancy, overuse injuries, car accidents and more.  Pain can come and go in the beginning, and then move into a more constant state.  It's not uncommon to see patients wait until the problem has become very severe before they take action.  This can result in permanent damage and problems.

The sooner you start working on back pain the better off you will be.  It gives our chiropractor, Dr. Kate Brown, the best chance at helping you make a full recovery.

Some Tips About What You Can Anticipate On Your Initial Visit

A complete patient history is something that Dr. Brown will need to help you on your first visit.  When Dr. Kate has all the information she needs, then she can give you a proper treatment plan.  She will use a number of different diagnostic tools to locate the source of your symptoms.

If you're looking for reassurance it's a great idea to look at our patient testimonials.  You don't have to live with back pain for the rest of your life.  Call us today, our team at Acorn Chiropractic is ready to serve you!

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